How to help a new mother who is suffering from post-partum depression?

How to help a new mother who is suffering from post-partum depression?

Most people think it is a myth but we all need to understand the fact that postpartum depression is something big and real. It can affect a new mother much more than you could have thought of and she needs help and support from everyone around her to make herself feel better.

If you too have someone in your friends or family, who is suffering from this postpartum depression, then you need to stay focused on her and be there to help her and support her in her tough time.

The more you would be there with her, the stronger she would feel emotionally and physically and the more isolated she would get, the more chaos would it bring.

So what can someone do to support and help a mother in her postpartum phase?

Here we are to tell you all you need to know about it and we are hopeful that you are going to find all these things highly practical and helpful.

  • Whenever you are talking to the post-partum affected mother, make sure you talk to her about her. Not about the baby, there would be plenty of time to talk about the baby in the future. Now that you are with her, make her feel special, listen to her heart, and ask her all about those things that are troubling her. This will make her feel peaceful and she would feel relaxed as well.

  • When you are listening to her heart, do not make comments like you are doing great, do not think like that and all. Try saying things like I know this is real, yes it happens, it must be really hard for you. So that she does not shut herself away from all her emotions.
  • Whether it is her first child or third, tell her that you are there to help her and if she wants you to join her on the way to the doctor, make sure you are there to help her with that as well. this is going to cheer her up and you would be able to enjoy your trips to the doctor.
  • Make remarks and comments that would make her feel fresh and cheerful about herself. There are a lot of things that can make her happy, even the simplest things like congratulating her on feeding the baby in the best way.
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