Let The Little Children Come To Me

Let The Little Children Come To Me

“Let the little children come to Me!” Notice that the Lord Jesus says “little children”; not ‘infants’, or ‘babies’, or ‘teenagers’. Teach your little ones Christian songs and tell them stories from the Bible. When they are older organize a family altar where each one reads from his or her own Bible and says a prayer. Do not worry about worldly people that accuse you of indoctrination. They say they leave it up to their children what they want to believe, but when push comes to shove they are dead set against them becoming Christian.

Even though we are born with sinful natures, it seems too negative to me to call your boys and girls little Adams and Eves. That is reasoning from the negative. Stress the positive. Reward good behavior and give them freedom to choose their own path with the Lord. You will make mistakes. You will be too strict or too lenient, or both at different times. If you really love them, they will forgive you.

The Lord Jesus says that out of the mouths of babes and sucklings God has prepared praise for Him. This means, I think, that heaven will be fuller than hell. Little children that do not yet know the difference between the right and the left, are saved as they have not yet reached the age of responsibility. And heaven is full of them. Consider this. The death rate of babies and infants used to be higher than the rate of survivors. Abortion statistics have been high for a long time worldwide. The so-called pill is often abortifacient. So many men have numerous children by different women.

The Lord states that the Kingdom of the heavens belongs to little children and that anybody that causes them to sin, might as well be thrown into the sea with the weight of a millstone to him (that would be better than that he offends them). Their angels, He also states, see the countenance of the Father continuously. This makes children very, very special indeed. They deserve our love, protection and dedication.