Senior Models: Get Rid of Your Fear, Modeling Might Be for You

Recently turned 80-years-old a Chinese grandfather, Wang Deshun had graced the runway in China’s Fashion Festival last year. The legal retirement age does not surpass sixty in China, yet at 80 Mr. Wang is going strong in modeling. It brings into contemplation the real effect of age on our ambitions and abilities.

Fit and Healthy is expected

Fit and healthier models are often deemed as more attractive and easier to work with as modeling is still a physical and aesthetic work whereby you have to work well with your body. Hence, despite your age as a senior, you aren’t neglected from the need to exercise and keep fit. Mr. Wang still hits the gym every day and believes that although nature determines your age, you can still control the state of your mind.


It helps to have good facial features, clear skin, good hair and overall clean look when you are captured on camera. Many senior aged people have a tendency to neglect their beauty care needs when they are old. As a senior model, however, you must adopt basic beauty habits and skin hygiene. Above that, you must also learn a few simple poses and tricks to look good on the camera. Even as a senior model you must appear lively and energetic on photos so you must be able to portray these energies.

Submit a few confident snapshots of yourself to the agency

Do you need to look like a supermodel? Of course not, what modelling agencies are looking out for is how appealing your look is to the overall market. Simple portraits of you with varying emotions should be taken and submitted to the agency for higher chances of them picking you amongst the rest. Don’t worry if you don’t’ fit up to societal expectations of being ‘good-looking’ modelling agencies have their own way of assessing you, so what you need to be is confident on your photos and the rest will follow.


Never let age be a barrier, and know that youth is all about your heart and mind. If you are consistent with exercise and a good diet, you can preserve your vitality and be involved in modeling. Not only do you get to make extra income on the side, you productively spend your time even in the elder years, being a role model to the younger generations aspiring to achieve big feats in modeling.

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