Fix Rather Than Replace Your Stairlift

When your stairlift isn’t working like it should, don’t ignore it. You need this device to work well for safety and for you to get up and down the stairs. Hopefully, you are taking good care of it with routine maintenance and check-ups performed by a professional who knows all about this type of service. Doing so will reduce the chances of you experiencing problems.


If you need stairlift repairs, your first course of action should be to look at the warranty you have in place. If you don’t have one, you can call any provider to take a look at it. If there is a warranty, you need to follow their procedures to get it taken care of. Contact their support team to file a claim.

They may have certain providers they authorise to take care of stairlift repairs. They can give you the information and you can pick from that list who you would like to have conduct the work. If you just call someone without getting authorisation though, you may end up paying for all of it so adhere to the terms and conditions of your warranty information.


There can be a variety of needs when it comes to stairlift repairs. A professional can come to your home and provide you with a no obligation estimate. They will conduct an assessment of what the device is doing that it shouldn’t or not doing that it should. They will strive to narrow down the possibilities and get you some answers.

Based on their feedback, you can decide you would like to hire them to get the job done as soon as possible. Make sure you ask any questions you may have before the work begins. You don’t want to have frustrations and surprises because you made assumptions. Don’t get on a waiting list either as you don’t want to have the device out of commission for an extended period of time.


Depending on their assessment, they may tell you it is best to do the repairs or they may tell you they recommend you replace the device. If it is an older model, stairlift repairs aren’t always going to be the right path. They may be able to get it working again for the short term but it isn’t going to be a long term fix.

A quality provider is going to give you the realistic picture of all of it. They will conduct stairlift repairs for you if you decide you want them but at least you will have good information. Sometimes, the cost of the repairs is so much it isn’t a good idea to have that done. You are better offer selling it for parts and paying to have it replaced.


Once you have made a decision about stairlift repairs, they can get you scheduled for an appointment. They may need to order parts specifically for the make and model of device you have. Typically, such parts can arrive in a matter of days. They also have to look at their schedule to see when they can fit you in.

The amount of time it will take for the repair depends on what has to be done. They will carve out a block of time to account for the repairs and getting to your home from their previous appointment. They realise it is important to you for the lift to work soon so they will strive to get you taken care of fast. They may be willing to do it in the evening or over the weekend too.

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