Elder Abuse: Signs That It’s Happening

Elder Abuse: Signs That It’s Happening

Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what is happening, particularly if an older person is unable to speak, such as if they are a stroke victim. That doesn’t mean that this should happen, though. These signs and symptoms will help families decide if their loved one is a victim of elder abuse.

They speak up

Sometimes, determining if this situation is happening can be as simple as taking what a loved one says more seriously, no matter how many times they complain. If they say that a nurse is too rough, make sure to follow up on those concerns. A nurse may have done something unintentionally, but it may also be the start of elder abuse.


A loved one may wind up with unexplained bruises, such as if they accidentally bumped their leg when going to the restroom. This is understandable. On the other hand, families are encouraged to look at the bruises. Bruises that are in the same pattern as a hand or that look like fingerprint bruises are a call for concern.

Bed Sores

When a person is on bed rest, they can get bed sores easily. If a person is not turned as often as they are supposed to be, they will wind up with a bed sore. A family may be able to discuss this with the nursing home, and then they will never have to worry about this again. On the other hand, if bed sores are seen in combination with other things, such as bruises and rashes, it can also be a sign of neglect. According to a leading lawyer in the field, most of these cases start out as neglect.

Weird explanations

When a person is the victim of elder abuse, family members will often hear explanations that are a bit off. For example, a nurse may attempt to explain away a bruise on the front of a person’s leg by saying that they ran into a wall. Obviously, if a person ran into a wall, it would be difficult for a person that can barely walk to do it hard enough to cause a sizable bruise on the front of their leg. If this happens more often than it doesn’t, this is a large red flag, and is a cause for concern.

Other kinds

Often, elder abuse is not the only form that is happening. According to an expert lawyer in the area, this form often happens along with another form, such as financial exploitation, neglect or emotional. For example, a person’s bills may not be paid as they are supposed to, or the staff may make them feel as though they are worthless by telling them that they do not matter, and that their family does not love them.

Hiring a lawyer is the first step in discovering whether elder abuse is happening, and what can be done about it. Families are encouraged to discuss things with a professional lawyer if they suspect that this is a problem. A lawyer can help them decide the truth, as they have more experience in the area than most families and can recognize the signs and symptoms, and can help them decide what their next course of action should be. It may be gathering evidence to press charges, or it may be simply moving the person to another nursing home. Either way, an experienced lawyer will give a few benefits when it comes to handling the situation properly.

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