A Brief Note on the Care Giving Service

Caregivers are the ones who take care of the elder people that one has at home. The need of them is generally felt when the person gets sufficiently old and is not able to do his or her daily works by their own. Not only that, a professional caregiver can also be hired at times when other members of the house stay abroad or out for work and there is nobody to take care of the person.

It is not necessarily that a caregiver has to be a professional person from the outside world. It can also be a member of the family. In fact when we were small and were unable to do anything by yourself then our mother was our caregiver. Do you call her a caregiver? Was she professional or a trained person? Absolutely not!

I personally feel that a caregiver does not need any professional training to become one. What one has to do as a caregiver are the basic works like helping out the person in the daily work, taking care of their medicines, talking to them so that they do not feel lonely.

Family Care Giving Recognized by Professionals

Earlier the opinion of a caregiver was often thrown away by the doctors just as one throws away waste into the bins. That is why certain people feel that there is a need for the caregivers to obtain a certificate. Some government services are coming out with the solution to offer basic training certificates in care giving and are considering the opinions of the caregivers.

Setting Boundaries

There can be no boundaries that can be set when one loves a person. Yet it is advised that the caregivers must be in their boundaries. The boundaries should be like what the work of the person is and what else one is asked to do. If a caregiver does not set a boundary of what he or she does then it is probable that the person might become unhealthy. There should be a relation of mutual respect and autonomy between the person and the elderly person and his or her family members.

Be Flexible as You Settle In

If the caregiver has been hired in a time of crisis then after the crisis fades out he or she might need to extend their boundaries of work. This is because with most elderly patients the problems only increase. The person might have to be extra careful about everything concerning the person. At this point of time, a caregiver also might feel the need of an outside help.

Elder Care