Tips to Choosing the Right Knitting Yarn for Your Project

Tips to Choosing the Right Knitting Yarn for Your Project

Choosing a knitting yarn can be a rather daunting process, especially if you have just started knitting as a project and you are still learning the ropes, so to speak. Yarn comes in a variety of weights, which identifies the thickness of the yarn. You will also soon learn that there are various fibers from man made fibers, such as acrylic and polyester to natural fibers such as lambs wool.

Choosing a knitting yarn can be a daunting experience and you will have to choose your weight, your fiber, your colour and then you still need to focus on the washing instructions. It is very important to keep the wrapping of all wool you use, as this usually will provide you with washing instructions. Each wool will have it’s own instructions, so if you want to ensure whatever you make will last, then focus on the washing instructions and follow these to the letter moving forward.

You need to understand the different types of knitting yarns and what they are used for. Lace is a common choice, a very very fine yarn which is used to knit shawls and doilies. Surprisingly this yarn isn’t light in terms of completed weight and it can sometimes feel a little rough to the touch. It is ideal for those delicate and intricate projects where you want to create something beautiful, unique and special.

Then there is super fine knitting yarn which ideally suited to knit socks, baby clothes and wraps. Ensure you follow the knitting instructions to the letter along with the needles needed to provide you with the perfect finish to your knitting project.

Fine knitting yarn is used mostly for throws and baby clothes. Also a finer of the yarns, it provides you with that perfect product to use to make an impact. This is best suited with thinner needles and patience. You are going to want to focus on the pattern at hand and then identify if this yarn is really the right choice to achieve the results you want to achieve.

Light is a commonly used knitting yarn which is deal when knitting socks and clothing items. It is still not the most common choice, but can be used for a variety of knitting projects with complete confidence.

Medium weight knitting yarn is the one yarn that most people will tun to no matter what project they are completing. This one can be used for literally anything whether you want to knit a throw or a scarf, it you want to knit socks or baby clothes. Most people only use medium weight yarn, but in order to get the right appearance, you will want to focus on all the options available to identify the knitting yarn that will meet the unique requirements of your particular project.

Then there are another two yarns which you will want to know about, these are bulky and super bulky. This is a very chunky form of knitting yarn which is ideal to make sweaters, scarves and hats. This chunky yarn will work beautifully with thick needles to give you large stitches which can create a unique appearance. Further bulky yarns tend to be a popular choice for new knitters who are starting out with these projects, it helps them ensure that they get each stitch right before moving onto the finer yarns, such as lace yarn, for example.

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