Tips for Choosing Your Baby’s Yarn

When crocheting or knitting for your baby you want to make sure that you use a yarn that will not harm the baby in any way. Most yarn stores have a section for baby yarns. These yarns are designed specifically for babies; however, that doesn’t mean that these are always going to safe for your baby. Each baby is different, and thus you need to consider the needs of your baby.

And you certainly are not limited to the yarn found in the baby yarn section either. The key point to remember when choosing a regular yarn is to choose something soft that won’t irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Cotton yarns are generally safe, but you could also choose from a wide variety of soft acrylics such as Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft.

The yarns to stay away from are those with beads, fringes or anything else that could end up loose and the baby’s mouth. And once again, just because a yarn is marketed as a baby yarn, does not mean that it will be safe for your child. Always check to make sure that it’s solid enough so no strands will come loose and end up in the baby’s mouth.

Consider also the material the yarn is made of. Wool is often scratchy, and thus may not be suitable for anything that will come in constant contact with the baby’s skin. Plus, many people are allergic to wool, so keep that in mind also.

Another yarn to double check on is Bernat Baby Blanket. It’s made of 100% polyester. It’s a chunky, soft and luxurious baby yarn. However, I personally do not recommend it. Now, I know that I’m a special needs case, but when I worked with it several years ago I ended up with severe headaches every time I worked with it. And if I can get headaches, so could a tiny baby, especially if they’re already sensitive to other things. It’s a beautiful yarn, and I hate to say anything negative about it; so go ahead and use it, but make sure that your baby is okay with it.

Lastly, is to remember the season. Acrylics are great for keeping your baby super cozy in the cold winter weather, but are not recommended for the summer because it doesn’t allow the body to breathe like cotton does. And a small baby could easily become overheated as you head out in the stroller, or even at home.

So put the safety of your baby first, and Happy Crocheting or Knitting!

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