How to Crochet An Infinity Scarf Using Any Scarf Pattern

Do you love infinity scarves, but are confused about how it’s worked in the round? Or, do you have a favorite scarf pattern and would like to make it into an infinity scarf? This article will give you a basic overview as to how to take just about any scarf pattern that you have and turn it into a stylish and elegant or cozy cowl.

The easiest way to crochet an infinity scarf is to simply whip up your favorite scarf pattern. Basically any pattern will do for this method. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a narrow or wide, plain or lacy scarf.

Basically, any scarf pattern will do. But to make it super easy, look for a scarf pattern that as a straight edge on each end.

You would simply work your scarf as normal to get the length that you want. Then, instead of fastening off at the last row, simply slip stitch the last row of the scarf to the first row. And voila! you got yourself a new infinity scarf.

Now, when joining the scarf, you have the option to make a twist in the scarf so that the right side meets the wrong side. That will give you the elegant drape that you’re looking for. Or, you can join it with right sides facing the same way. Some patterns will look great with the twist, while others might not agree with it. You are the artist, so you can do whatever you like best.

One of the beauty’s of crocheting an infinity scarf in this manner is that it allows you to add lots of colorful rows to your scarf. Then when you join the scarf into a circle, the rows of color will hang vertically around you.

Then, as a final touch, you have the option of crocheting a matching or contrasting edge to the scarf. Or, you might decide to add a lovely fringe. Again, you are the artist!

If you run into a pattern that has a jagged, lacy or zig-zag shaped end, don’t worry. Just because the ends don’t align perfectly doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. There is a way to work around that. Instead of joining the two ends at the very first and last rows, consider overlapping the ends for several inches. Again, this will work for some patterns, but not all of them.

Then, depending on the pattern, you might decide to leave the overlapped edge to hang freely, or you can secure it down with a few stitches. Then add a few buttons on top to give you the illusion that it’s buttoned up. How cool is that?

So I hoped you enjoyed this overview and will give it a try.

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