What Are the Best Games for A Baby Shower

Baby shower games are a key ingredient of a baby shower party. They are an excellent ice breaker to help people to get to know each other and can really get the party going with a swing

Firstly why not try a baby pictionary. This is where you get hold of some cards and write “baby type” words on them. The cards are passed round from one guest to another and they get the chance to draw what that word is. When someone guesses the word, they hand their card to that specific person. The person who has the most cards at the end of the game wins.

A very good second game is making a scrapbook. Make sure you have everything necessary to produce one including scrapbook, paper and scissors, adhesive and last but not least a camera or mobile phone with a camera. The important thing is that the pictures can be quickly downloaded, printed off and cut out. Each guest should take it in turns to have their photograph taken with the hostess and dedicate a separate page in the scrapbook to each guest. Then take pictures of other things to do with the party and repeat the process. The hostess then has to pick which page is the best and that guest wins.

Although the game of pass the parcel has been around for a long time, it is still a party favourite. The hostess can put whatever they like in the box. It can be chocolate, sweets, a DVD, a book. Whatever is decided on, you can wrap the box or gift in as many layers of paper as you like. One person is given the parcel and the music starts. When the music stops, whoever holds the parcel, takes of a layer of wrapping and the parcel continues to be passed around in this way, until the last person takes off the final piece of wrapping and they are the winners.

Make several boxes, they must fit into each other, this is like pass the parcel. They then pass the box that was inside to the next person & start the music again..then stop and that person gets to open the next box. continue until the last small box is open & the paper is taken out that says winner!!

Another game is called the dice in a bottle game. This basically follows the same rules as any game where dice are rolled, except in this case, the dice are put in an empty plastic baby wipe container. There are wrapped prizes placed in the centre of the room and all the guests sit in a circle and take it in turns to throw the dice. Everytime someone throws a dice, they win a prize. The game can last as long as you like or of course until you run out of prizes

Lastly, try the balloon game. Buy as many balloons as you have guests and before you blow up each balloon put a small piece of paper in each and on one write the word winner. Before the guests leave have them pop their balloons and the one with the winning ticket, gets the prize.

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