Unique and Best Baby Gifts for New Mothers

How many baby showers have you been to where the mom to be unwraps more baby oil and lotion then she could use on her own skin circumference in a year? It’s time to spice those baby showers up a bit, add some flair. Bring out the new mom’s personality a bit because us veteran moms know that once that baby gets here the nine months of “ohs” and “ahs” and “let me get that door for you”, “no sit, you must be exhausted” disappear into “well you’ve almost lost that baby weight just what 50 more lbs to go”, “oh your baby’s crying here you take her back.”

OK, yes I think motherhood is a beautiful thing but the new mom often gets lost in all the soft pinks and blues. Let’s talk unique baby gifts that will thrill the mom on a personal level without forgetting the baby.

First you need to think about the mom to be. How well do you know her? Can you answer the following?

Favorite movie

Favorite type of music and favorite artist

Favorite color

Favorite book

Sci-fi, mystery, or romance

Sports enthusiast

Dietary preferences: vegan, allergies, organic, processed

Allergies or skin irritations

Avid exerciser or serious couch potato

Don’t stress if you only know the answer to one. Go with that one. Let’s talk baby shower gifts. Chances are if our friend has a skin irritation and say vegan then the 10 year supply of baby lotions and oils mentioned above will actually offend her. To stay on speaking terms with her look for a botanically based, hypoallergenic, vegan approved baby oil and liquid soap. Then add some flair. Using the following recipe, create home-made baby wipes. Package the wipes with the recipe, a few rolls of paper towels, and the remaining oil and soap.

With a serrated knife cut a role of thick paper towels in half, forming two smaller rolls. Remove cardboard tubing. In a cylinder container combine 2 cups water, 1 tbsp Baby Wash, and 2 tsp Baby Oil. Place one of the half rolls in the container with the liquid (save the second roll for next time). Close the container and wait until the roll has completely absorbed the liquid. Flip the container over and let it sit for 10 more minutes. Keep the wipes in an airtight container to keep them from drying out.

What about unique baby gifts that will touch the mom’s heart? Let’s go back to the questions. So let’s say our friend is a big Gone With The Wind fanatic. Prepare her for baby’s first Halloween with a southern belle dress for each of them (assuming she is having a girl). Or maybe our friend is into Star Wars. My son was given two Star Wars Disposable. One with Yoda’s face and the words “Size matters not” and another one with Darth Vader and the words “Who’s your daddy?” My husband and I dressed him in it so much Yoda’s ears wore off before he outgrew the outfit.

Is her favorite music jazz or Christian? No matter what her genre there are children’s Cd’s available. Why not pair it with her favorite artist? Better yet, make a mix with some of her favorite songs so she can share her love of music with her new child. Whether you are looking for a unique baby boy or girl gift it simply requires a small amount of information paired with creative thinking.

Personalized baby gifts are always fun. If the mom-to-be has not divulged the child’s name then prepay for the item at the store with a little extra for shipping. At the baby shower give our friend a beautiful card with a picture of the item and a note saying waiting for the naming. Make sure she knows that all she has to do is call and they will ship it out to her. Another way to personalize a baby gift is to make it yourself. If your talent is sewing offer to create the bumpers, sheets, and skirt for the crib. If your gift is painting or drawing offer to stylize the room with a mural or paint canvases to hang.

Being a new mom can get tough. Learning to balance the chores, sleepless nights, a tired husband, and a little me time is tricky. Help our friend out. Here are a few ideas that are all about the new mom.

Schedule an appointment for her to receive an in home massage and then take the baby for a few hours so she can enjoy.

Give her a membership to a pizza of the month club (or whatever her favorite food might be, cheesecake would work for me).

Go to a Pass Your Plate or Supper Club and make enough meals to fill her freezer.

A gift basket with bubble bath, chocolates, and a calendar of the next 6 months. Sit down with her and mark out two days each month that you will take the little guy and give her bubble bath time.

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