Diaper Bags Make Great Baby Shower Gifts

If you are attending a baby shower and are trying to think of what gift to give, it’s very likely that you will end up buying some cute baby clothes and toys, as these are the most popular presents that people bring to baby showers. You definitely can’t go wrong with these types of gifts because even if the baby receives dozens of them, each and every single one can still be put to good use.

However, if you want to veer away from traditional gifts and are thinking of giving something a bit more unique but is still very practical at the same time, why don’t you consider buying a nice diaper bag? Diaper bags are among the most essential items that a parent will need for a newborn baby, or even for a toddler for that matter. Every time the baby leaves the house, he would need tons of stuff to bring and a bag is the perfect container for all these needs.

Giving a diaper bag as a baby shower gift is definitely a great idea because it is something that any new parent would appreciate. It won’t hurt either if they already have a bag because with the frequency that you would be using these things, it will certainly be very handy to have more than one of them around so that if one is in the washer, for instance, there would still be another one that could be used.

Tips on Choosing a Diaper Bag as a Gift

If you are a parent yourself, then you probably already know what to look for in a good bag. However, for non-parents out there, shopping for the right diaper bag can really be quite overwhelming, especially when you see all the different features and designs that are available in the market. To help you pick out the perfect bag to give away as a present, it would be helpful if you refer to the following tips that you can use while shopping.

  • Look for a durable material. The durability of a diaper bag is much more important than the cuteness of its design. Make sure that you pick a bag made of a material that will last at least a few years, or until the newborn graduates out of toddlerhood. Fabrics that are easy to clean are also much more desirable than those that you have to throw into the washing machine each time it gets stained, which can be quite often.
  • Check the compartments.A good diaper bag is one that has a lot of separate compartments on the inside and a lot of pockets on the outside. These compartments make it easy to organize the baby’s many things and also ensure that the food doesn’t get mixed in with the dirty diapers, and so on. Small pockets are also convenient for storing small items like pacifiers, which can easily get lost in a large bag.
  • Pick a design that the parents would like.If you are close to the parents, which you probably are if you are invited to the baby shower, then you should have an idea of their tastes when it comes to style and fashion. Do not assume that just because someone has become a parent that they will automatically ooh and aah over those typical pink and blue diaper bags that used to be so popular many years ago. These days, there are many modern designs of diaper bags that you can choose from, and that more parents actually prefer.
  • Look for padded straps. Carrying a heavy diaper bag for even just a few minutes can put an enormous strain on one’s shoulders. Although they will not really lighten the load, thick bag straps that are adequately padded will be very helpful for evening out the weight, making it a lot more comfortable to carry the diaper bag even for long periods, and this is certainly a feature that all parents would greatly appreciate.

Buying a diaper bag for a gift can actually be a lot of fun if you know what to look for. In fact, you may be amazed at the wide variety of options that are available nowadays. There are even diaper bags that don’t even look like diaper bags from the outside. Many of the modern designs follow the style of the regular backpack, messenger bag, or tote bag. There are also bags that are made specifically for dads and that come in very masculine designs.

If you keep the abovementioned tips in mind when buying a diaper bag, you will have no problem finding that perfect gift for your friend or relative. Just make your choice wisely and you will be able to give a gift that will be cherished and repeatedly used for many years to come.

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